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A doctor from China's Wuhan city decided to unpick the stitches that he put on the hand of the injured after the patient recognized that he could not afford the surgery.

Zeng Xiao, an immigrant who arrived to the city of Wuhan, got a job in a restaurant as a dishwasher. Unfortunately, weeks after working in, he cut on his hand and a colleague carried him to the hospital.

When the surgeon finished the surgery he presented to the patient a bill about $284. As Zeng Xiao couldn’t pay, the doctor removed the surgery done to him.

Normally health care in China are paid in advance, although in an emergency account can be done later. In the 80's, the Chinese health system ceased to be universal, free and began to be paid for, although some groups, such as officials, they still have some kind of insurance.

What can we imagine if this Chinese doctor had attended the birth of a girl without money?


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