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The fact is that social networks are an added value to business organizations in referring to communication with customers, best practices in marketing and humanization of brands.

However, recent news accounts of known enterprises, as well government agencies and business are considering the question of whether or not it is worth making presence on networks such as Twitter of Facebook, exposing them to hackers.

Companies may face three clear dangers:

- IDENTITY THEFT: when someone takes the name of your brand to create a Twitter account or a profile on Facebook, from which post any type of information, including some which might offend against competition, it also tends to lead to negative publicity and therefore brand involvement.

- RELEVANT INFORMATION: When rivalry investigate possible new products or releases, they can use that data to make a counter proposal that goes to the market much faster.

- HACKING ATTACK: Not only is this a hack in any of the accounts, but from there to obtain access to information loaded on other sites, emails, databases, business…

Despite all these dangers, it is evidently that if you are not on social networking presence it is going to alienate a lot of customers, because you have to meet the new segments and see what they want.


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