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There are some items on this blog where you can’t see any cartoon, illustration or picture made by me. The question that you can have in your mind is: Why this damned cartoonist sometimes writes more than to draw?

Really, there are some easy answers to this subject:

- Sometimes it is a question of time. Drawing it is not only doing some doodles and the work is finished.

- Writing is easier for me than to think on a funny cartoon and to put my idea of what the hell is a man doing when slipping over a banana peel.

- If I write and I draw times multiplies twice, so I must be funny writing and drawing. The most time I try to be twice fool when the easiest would be doing only one action, especially because I like being fool.

- Writing relaxes me a lot. It is best than going to the psychologist and it is a free activity. Even, if you know a little the market, you can get money only for the fact of knowing to write some words one before another.

- I like thinking on my readers. What the hell they must think about a guy who made up weird stories when they are sometimes upside down, even items written on a non native language?

Really, I am a very good person with the head well put in place, or at least it is what I think. I simple guy who likes writing and if it is possible drawing too.


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