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Being born with a quality that gives you an extraordinary power is a mystery. Only the chosen ones are capable of incredible things than the rest. In those cases we can’t speak about science involvement or weird experiments. Here I am talking about people born with the power that nature has given to them.

It is the case of a Portuguese child: “Christian Sebastian, dubbed Magnet Boy, after discovering that metal objects adhere to his body when are near him”. Doctors are still questioning about this odd ability. Luckily the child is healthy and doctors don’t think about a bad malformation or disease. All the contrary, it is considered a godsend for him.

Interviewing the child he told me:

I am not afraid about, although at school my classmates ask me for doing them a demonstration and I feel a little ridiculous. I am considering the possibility of earning my life on a circus or become popular as other magicians are, although my ability is natural and there is not trick or something odd in it. Anyway, I am thinking too on the option of becoming a superhero. You know, going for example where a conflict is and to draw all the arms to me, even stopping missiles because of my magnetic force. I know that it would be very dangerous for me but if I want to become a superhero might be that I must try.”

The worst part for him will be to control all his interior power and to use it on the best possible way. Good luck boy!


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