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Good holidays are when you decide to go abroad from your country. Others cultures, new emplacements to visit, awesome sites where to stay… Definitely, going far away from where you live.

But the problem appears when you read on the news that your holidays’ country is under the effects of some kind of demoniac circumstances or the probabilities of happening something wrong are high:

- Possibility of natural catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes …

- Dangerous armed gangs who can rape all your family and after ask for ransom.

- Strikes on the street because of the angry of the population and you can be wounded by the police repression.

- You can get Malaria or some weird other diseases which left you harmed for your entire life.

- A terrorist enters in your plane and in name of his God he decides to blast the explosives that carried with him.

It is for that you decide to rest at home, because like on your flat you can’t be in another place. But be careful, because even resting at home on holidays, thieves are in disposition of approaching to your house, thinking that you are in holidays, and they can give you the fright of your life.


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