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Yesterday, I was watching the sky at night. Suddenly, a clear light appeared and down to me. Seconds later I was floating on the air and without realizing I entered on a big spacecraft.

A weird green kind of character was waiting and greeted me.

Welcome to our spaceship! We are doing a survey about human intelligence, so we want to ask you some questions.

I was a little astonished and especially afraid about what was happening to me. Neither on dreams nor dreaming awake I thought on this possibility. Especially because they spoke perfect English, and really my listening skills are not still very developed.

Anyway, I was eager about to know for the survey and the questions that they would want to pose me. Also I was a little nervous because I would want to do the best and to answer intelligently to all their questions. I wanted that they knew about how much intelligent people on the Earth are.

Do you habitually masturbate?

What?” I asked incredulous about this first question.

Do you prefer inflatable dolls or a porn magazine?

What the hell are you asking me?” I was so furious that I take the way back to the Earth.

What fool I was thinking on the possibility of intelligent life in outer space. "Gang of perverted aliens! Go to the hell silly buggers” I cried from my terrace to the sky.


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