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Chinese invasion in Europe is one of the factors that governments should consider if they want to preserve traditional identities and long-established local shops.

Chinese merchants spread quickly getting avenues and opening new shops while native people are closing theirs. The most worrying thing is that native people don’t have money for setting up a little business; even banks don’t concede them loans for trying to establish their shop.

What happens then with Chinese people? Have they more money than local people? How they get money for spreading so quickly on the city?

They started in Europe with their traditional Chinese restaurants. But some time ago that their businesses are becoming specialized on bazaars where you can find don’t matter what article; they have all that you can search or even things that you don’t need but as they are so cheaper you buy equally.

But they are not only conquering bazaars territory. They are getting power on specialized shops like: fruit and vegetable shops, clothes, bakeries, butcheries, candy stores, even hairdressing saloons.

Some people consider that it is question to start learning Chinese language, because they are the future. But it might be that it is not worth. They have even conquered our language too for integrating best in their new society.


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