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When the most people would have thrown away their alarm clock if winning a jackpot, it was not the case for Mr. Albert. He won a big jackpot, but he didn’t throw away his alarm clock. He got it in inheritance and he liked it, even when he didn’t need to be awakened. He described it like this:

For centuries this alarm clock has awaken the whole generation of my family. It was built two centuries before Jesus Christ was born by a prestigious clockmaker. Every single mechanism within it sounds like classical music; in perfect harmony, all the pieces round and spin magically orchestrated. Numbers appear on the front handwritten with meticulous details; every single number reflects poesy and when the hour arrives a romantic sound goes out for the pleasure of your ears. I never had of touching its clockwork mechanism for programming something; it has always worked for itself, as if it knew all the things that happen around.”

It is for that buyers become crazy when an old alarm clock appears at auction. Because might be they have the luck of buying the alarm clock of Mr. Albert at a bargain price, if it was the case that one day he decided to sell it because, you know, of the global crises world.


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