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Next generation of people will find on Earth a strange world. Nothing compared with what we are living nowadays. If for my grand-parents cars were an incredible solution of mobility, for my parents a simple washing machine was the revolution of abandoning wasting time on other things more interesting than washing clothes manually with soap, and for me Internet is all in this world, for sure that our offspring will freak about their future.

For example: “Scientists create cow that produces human milk” In the future woman won’t lose time breast feeding their children. A simple solution as having a cow at home and you woman of the future will do what you want instead of feeding your child. Even nights will be glory for parents, because they will let plugged children to the cow and to sleep all night without jumping of the bed because the child orders.

Cow feeding a baby

I want to live for watching all those freaky inventions of the future. I hope to have the capacity of understanding all those changes that next generation will have to cope on.


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