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Getting a cancer because you use too much your mobile phone is one thing that you will never think that it could happen to you. Technology is so advanced that you trust blindly in it, especially because all the gadgets which are in the market you think that: they are sure, pass all the quality tests and enforce existing laws.

But, what happens? That: The World Health Organisation resurrects the idea that mobile phones may increase the risk of developing brain cancer. Really, if this theory was certain over two-thirds of the population in Earth would be dead, because nearly every individual person has a mobile phone.


Or even worst, if this urban legend about mobile phones and cancer is true the future that wait us from here to some years ahead it will be an awful world of zombies people with the brain damaged at all.

The most worrying of all this is that for CREATING advanced technology they must DESTROY human lives. But don’t worry! At least you have the consolation that the next technological generation will be less destructive.


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