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A curious scientific study at the University of Matalagonia said that “Beer drinkers attract mosquitoes more than people who don’t drink” Why does it happen? To find answer to my question I interviewed Mr. Lombardo Del Pozo, an eminent biologist, and he told me:

It is a curious phenomenon of the nature. We thought that in reality mosquitoes were more similar to vampires, because of its blood attraction. But they like, not only beer, if not also alcoholic beverages. So it is this combination of BLOOD and ALCOHOL running on the veins what does that they approach to some people.

It has always been heard that the possible cause of a mosquito entering on a room where there were several people and they stung some and not others, was to have relation with more fresh blood to each other. But according to this study, it determines that mosquitoes find their victims by smell, so if you smell drunk you are the perfect target for them.


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