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Today I wake up very happy. A lot of projects were coming to my mind; even I was listening to Alexis Jordan and her happiness song which made me happier. But a stupid scientific research read on the newspaper has made me feel sad because neither happy nor full of joy you can live without worrying about that “happiness can kill, claim scientists, after discovering that people who are too full of joy die younger than their more downbeat peers.”

Evidently, I agree with this study. Imagine that one day you win the jackpot. Your happiness is a feeling that you think it will be forever, because money fixes a lot of problems and you aren’t going to worry more about the need of going to work or thinking twice about to buy expensive clothes, cars or to travel around the world in cruise. But, what happens? that THE RICH ALSO CRY, so for sure that a gang of evil criminals will be lurking your fortune and waiting an inattention for stealing you, even killing you.

Really I know a guy who was very depressed and went to a group therapy for trying to recover his illusion for living. One day they did a laughter session and he died because he suffocated for laughing too much. At least he died happy!

According to this scientific study it is question of living on a normal mood, without enough happiness and worrying only a little about the manner of trying to be happy. Only having these feelings you will live many years.

It’s incredible that neither happy you can live calm!


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