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Instead of going in advance, sometimes we are going back to the past. If you watch for example the film: “The time machine, 1960, based on the novel of the same name written by H. G. Wells”, you realise that the future that the traveller man sees is more similar to a primitive civilisation than a technological advanced society.

If not, you wouldn’t read news like: “Discovered a homeless woman sleeping in precarious position perched on a narrow tree branch.”


Getting an interview with the woman in question she told in exclusive for this blog:

Go to the hell, I am not neither a Koala nor a monkey! If I climbed to the tree was because sleeping in the street is very dangerous, especially because of stray dogs which suck you and even they can bite you!

It is a little sad to have to sleep precariously on a tree or even in the street because our society is permissive still with life style where some people fight for getting more money and the other for going out of poverty situations.


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