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For years we know that the 5-HTT gene encodes the protein that transports serotonin. It is something like a garbage truck which is dedicated to cleaning the remains of serotonin and brings it back to the origin (the presynaptic cell) for being used it again. Just as we do with waste: do not throw away but to return them to recycle containers, that is dedicated to our serotonin transporter.

The problem is that not everyone has a conveyor with the same benefits and even humans have multiple versions of the same truck. The problem is that some of these trucks would not pass an annual MOT test for your vehicle.

According to a scientific study: “Researchers have identified the "happiness gene" that makes people happier” Naturally the quality of the transporter (garbage truck 5-HTT) influences the amount of circulating serotonin. It is because of the failures in the truck that some individuals become more depressed than others.

Imagine a city without garbage service, what would happen? Well, the garbage would accumulate in the streets; you could not recycle anything, which would enhance the dirt, but more movement of waste. Precisely SSRI antidepressants what they do is to fix this transporter.

Our future is going well. Identifying all those genes that carry us problems and with an adequate medical treatment we will be: the happiest, the most beautiful and the nicest people on the Universe.


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