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According to a scientific research the ideal amount of sleep duration is seven hours per night. It means that if you are working on duty at night and the study insists that six hours of nightly sleep is another alternative, you have a problem, because you know that trying to sleep during the day is a little difficult because of noisy activity, at least that you have good earplugs or a soundproof room.

Woman sleeping in the street who can't sleep due to cars noise

Sleeping too much or too little decreases your mental capacity. It is for that when one becomes parent that life changes at all. Because children, they ignore this study and for them the most important thing is to cry in the middle of the night when you are deeply dreaming with a paradisiacal island. And this is true: the mental capacity of the most parents that I know is decreasing quickly, until the point of falling sleep while watching an interesting match, movie or reportage on TV.

It is for that, when you are going to work and your boss is losing his capacity for reasoning and vocabulary due to lack of sleep, offer him a smooth pillow. He will be grateful with you, even he could increase your salary.


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