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According to new scientific special researches the planet called Gliese 581d could shelter extraterrestrial life. “Scientists believe that the planet is warm and wet enough for aliens to live on.” Anyway they argue that its gravity would be double than Earth and its high density of air and the thick clouds would keep the area under a perpetual gloomy red light, so it would be difficult for us to go there for checking.

So, the sixty-four dollar question would be: If there is alien life in Gliese 581d, what kind of mysterious and weird specimen we would find there? Really, with the description that the Scientifics have done us about this planet: “It is a dark and strange world with a light very red and dark” it would be best don’t head out there!

Best things that here in Earth I think that we are not going to find out. Diseases, monsters, new religious and powerful groups… We must be careful about we can find out there. It would be question of solving problems here than trying to find far away what we haven’t got here in Earth.


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