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Vengeance is never a good manner of trying to solve circumstances. Bin Laden’ death implies what USA always has done against people who don’t deserve live in this world: THE DEATH PENALTY.

Killing Bin Laden, taking his DNA and throwing his body away it remembers me when hunters kill for example a rhinoceros, cut its horn and left the remains for the vultures.

Justice would have been served if they had got Bin Laden and had put him immediately at court: a public trial with TV channels broadcasting him in front of the judge where he should shame to have done what he did.

Bin Laden was the evil in person and deserved the worst sentence possible, but between punishment and killing there is an abyss. Because they say that now the world is a little surer without him, but there are a lot of evil criminals walking in the streets and I think that it is not question of going killing all them.


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