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Something strange happened to me this week-end. I am still under the effects of the shock because when things suddenly happen, especially when you don’t expect, it comports on you a weird feeling. Evidently you don’t wait for people understand you, even that they believe your story, but for you it is important and the need of telling it is stronger than the silence itself.

I like to take photos on the nature, so on Sunday I went to the forest. While I was approaching the objective of my camera to a ladybird I heard behind me some footsteps crunching twigs on their way. When I turned my head for trying to know about these footsteps I watched not far a dark shadow walking through the density of the forest. Suddenly the strange figure stopped and stared at me: two big eyes under a hairy body.

Quickly I aimed my camera but the dark figure had already gone out of my sight and I could only take this photo:


Believe or not this is my first Bigfoot and I am not going to share with anybody where I found it. I don’t want that it becomes flesh of circus. Only living free it will remain as an urban legend and not close on a zoo.


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