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When spring arrives a lot of people become ill. Allergy to pollen is one of the most common illnesses that one can catch. If you wake up in the morning with runny nose, nasal congestion and sneezing, there is no doubt that you are allergic and you must take care about it.

Antihistamines and corticoid nasal spray is the best solution for stopping allergy. Remember always going to the doctor. Taking medicines without medical survey is not good for your health.

The worst allergic symptom discovered around the world is when you breathe marijuana pollen. This combination, marijuana and pollen, has terrible consequences for allergic people. Besides problems that marijuana has as: distorted perception, problems with memory and loss of coordination… you must add the allergic effects that its pollen has too.

I know an allergic guy whose neighbour had a marijuana plantation in his balcony. So, when he leant out of the window, for peeking what was happening in the street, he breathed, without knowing, the neighbour’s marijuana pollen. One spring day he became very ill and going to the emergency department, because he couldn’t bear more the fatal symptoms, doctors called police who immediately arrested him for taking illegal drugs.

You see that, being allergic to pollen presents difficulties in your health, and if we add that you can breathe marijuana pollen, this combination can make you drug addict.


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