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There are people who don’t have sense of humor. Even, when they feel that somebody has ridiculed them, they are able to take actions against the offending.

It happens in Pitcombe, Somerset, England where “a rural police force has been criticised for starting an investigation after a poster making a local councillor look like Hitler was put up on a village notice board.”

After an exhaustive research I found the person who drew the Hitler’s moustache and told me:

You know, we are living in democracy but it results that dictators are still between us. What the hell is it about going back me? We can express our ideas as we want always that you don’t hurt anybody. Really, after knowing that police are going back me that I prefer living anonymously because you know that dictators put you on gas chamber or worst.”

The worst about all this is that really police were going house by house asking for if somebody knew about the offender such as searching the public enemy number one.


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