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Surely, we human beings are limited in some actions. For example: we ca not fly, we can not run as faster as a cheetah… but we try all the best that we can for trying to improve our capabilities, especially when one is handicapped.

There is a man in the world, Cao Ruiqin, who is capable of writing with some parts of his body. Usually we write with the fingers of the hands, but this man can write using his eyes, ear hole, nostrils, finger gap, wrist, armpit, belly button, and elbow and knee joints.

If you paint with your ass you will get a shit!

It is a hope for people who have amputated parts of their bodies. They must abandon the idea that being disabled is a social burden, when with a little effort they can do things for improving their lives, even creating new patterns of culture to the astonishment of the other.

Life is made for all kind of people and trying to recuperate handicapped for they integrate quickly again on the society is a manner of doing life better for them.


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