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The British Medical Journal has published an interesting study about alcohol and cancer: “an important proportion of cases of cancer can be attributable to alcohol consumption, especially consumption higher than the recommended upper limits

Humphrey Bogart, a heavy smoker and drinker, contracted cancer of the esophagus.

The most people with those scientific studies wipe their asses. People don’t think that they are going to get cancer for drinking one or two extra cups. Enough problems people have in their lives as for complicating more their existence with warnings about what they must drink, eat and smoke.

“Be careful with your cholesterol, don’t smoke because you can get a cancer, do exercise every day, eat two pieces of fruit daily and abandon fat for salads” – said us doctors, and what we do? Living the crazy life!

What doesn’t say the study is that there are more probabilities of dying on the road because of a drunk driver than for the simple fact of drinking a few cups more.


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