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It is evidence that one works for money and in the most cases people only think on the hour of going out; even there are people who don’t matter if they do well their duties or not, the only important thing is to be paid at the end of the month and the rest is nonsense for them.

You must say: “Yes but you must have a little of implication on the enterprise, because at end it is which finishes paying your bills.” And yes you are right thinking it. What happens is that there are people whose opinion is different. It happens in this news: “Rare book written by the Pope destroyed after hapless postman delivers it to recycling bin.

Working as a postman is a good job. You deliver every day hundreds of letters to unknown people. But always there is the temptation of knowing what is into the envelope, especially if the delivery is a big package. And if you are a bad postman worker it is evidence that one day or another you will finish opening them.

The worst, as it happens in this news, is that opening the packet, the hapless postman discovers an item that doesn’t belong to his religious thoughts and, instead to deliver it to his receiver, left it in a recycling bin. Evidently, dear Holmes, that the postman wasn’t engaged on Catholic religion.

Anyway, envelopes and packets are unprotected in unworried postman hands. And for many excuses and refunds that the mail company wants to give you, who always loses is you, because there are some items which are irreplaceable.


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