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When you realise that your neighbour is a terrorist might be that it is too much late, because when you know that the man who lived upstairs you has committed an attack is for you are watching him arrested by the police on TV.

Generally, terrorists are nice people, who always like helping elderly women to cross the street, who don’t bother you at night with a loud volume on TV… they are normal people, nobody expect that they act as killer criminals.

What happens then in the head of similar people for triggering the hate in their infected brain until the point of carry out with a large-scale killing? Even, finishing off with their own lives. Yesterday he was a good neighbour, today is a crazy criminal.

The only thing can be understood as a mechanism activated by remote control on their brain, such an implanted microchip, and they receive the orders for carrying out with the attack.

It can be said that the most times you do not know your neighbour. We see them here go there, we see them quietly in the bakery buying ... but we can not ever think that they are psychopath, who will kill someone one day.

Everyone has problems, everyone wants to improve in one way or in other, but you can’t ever think that your neighbour is a crazy lunatic with the brain damaged, because otherwise you will become crazy too.


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