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The myth of the Yeti or abominable snowman is alive still. It is curious that with all the gadgets, which have a camera incorporated in, anybody has been capable of taking a photo of this mysterious “monster”. The only photos taken are editing photomontages or photos pretending show the Yeti, but that in reality they show somebody dressed up with hairy clothes.

Photographer taking a photo of abominable snowmen in Siberia

The myth can become reality if hominid experts are definitely decided to set up a scientific research institute to study the yeti, so it means that the abominable snowmen hunt is going to start soon, because they believe that there are a lot of them in remote areas of Siberia.

Zoological parks, circus and show business are looking forward to hearing news about the reality of the project, waiting that one day, really the can find at least one of them. It would be the best business of the world: to show to the big public the most awesome and awful monster of all times and silly of us to pay for watching it.


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