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Having an atomic nuclear bomb near your house must not be agreeable. For many tales that scientists and technicians tell you about what secure is the zone and that there aren’t real risks of catastrophe, the fear is inside you.

It is what Japanese people must think about the dangerous situation that they are living, especially who lived near the nuclear plants which have recently exploded. The worst of this situation is that a cloud of radioactive leak is in the sky, thing that means that if people get contaminated they will have a lot of probabilities of developing cancer or other diseases.

Zombie near nuclear plant

The most countries around the world are studying what is happening in Japan for adapting solutions to their nuclear plants. Even they are reconsidering about their policies in matter of atomic energy.

Anyway, this kind of energy is useful but involves a series of dangerous risks if a misfortune happens, so might be it would be the moment of going to the search of energies less pollutant and dangerous.


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