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When dialogue, negotiation and diplomacy don’t work always rest the force of arms. It is happening in Libya, where international forces tired of Gaddafi tyranny are carrying out a mission for overthrowing the dictator.

Generally, such interventions produce collateral damage and sometimes it finishes throwing more bombs on civilians than to military installations. It would be more necessary to seek for political solutions instead of using the power of the weapons.

People around the world are expressing their opinion against this absurd new war. In Barcelona (Spain), for example, protesters against this international resolution carried banners reading:

"Nor tyrannies or occupations. Solidarity with the people in struggle". The protestors choired: "support to the Libyan people, nor NATO or Gaddafi and no more blood for oil."

The worst of all this is that countries involved in the war against Gaddafi sold him a lot of weapons, technological advances in military defence, etc. so it is a little crazy to think that they, who have fed the beast, now are fighting against their customer.

Declaring a war always has bad consequences and the first who will get the fury of them (allies and enemies) will be innocent people, who walking quietly in the street will blow up in the airs because of a lost missile.


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