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Nature brings us awesome landscapes, but on the contrary offers us destruction and desolation too. Assisting to what is happening with the earthquake in Japan one realises how much fragile mankind is. Nature allows us to live on its ground, but when it moves we are shaken as Adam and Eve from the paradise. Would be it considered as a God’s punishment?

God speaking with a man

Sometimes Earth becomes the hell. An evil force emerges from the underground for spreading the dark side of the life. It is a thing that we can’t avoid. This duality between black and white, peace and war, paradise and hell… when one thinks that your life is quiet and all things are going more or less well… something wrong comes to you for annoying your peaceful life.

Overcoming difficulties is the nature of humankind. For many strong situations that we live, we try to search the manner of facing up to problems, burying our dead, if necessary, for starting a new life.


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