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It is evidence that when in your country there are not jobs which you think you can apply for them, you must go abroad for trying to demonstrate that you can do it. Anyway, in the most cases is for that you have followed some studies and it is not the same to have passed six years studying medicine for after working as gardener.

The main problem when you go for working abroad is language skills. It happens in England where foreign doctors work in Britain without speaking English.

Doctor Sinister is operating on the patient

Evidently, doctors know a lot of medicine and they know to distinguish where is placed, for example, the kidney and the liver on the human body, and going abroad they will find that all the body elements are equal for all the people.

What happens is that verbal communication is not similar, because every country has their language and medical procedures. So to learn the language which is used on your destination country is one of most important factors to consider, if you don’t want to put the life of a patient in risk.


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