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What are doing Britain people in Gibraltar still? It is a shame that they follow with their colonialism abroad their territory. I don’t know if they realise about it, but imperialism times have finished yet. Trying to extend their sovereignty nowadays is absurd. They are lucky because, we, Spanish people, don’t like to enter in conflict or going directly to battlefield.

Recently and profiting that Prince Charles was visiting Spain for promoting British business and renewable energy, Prince Felipe said in his welcome speech: “I hope that our authorities make progress in resolving the historic dispute that is still pending about Gibraltar.”

Barbary Macaques claim Gibraltar territory for them

The existence of a colony in the XXI century is an embarrassing anachronism, not only for the UK, if not for the entire European Union. The United Nations has repeatedly called on the governments of Spain and the United Kingdom to end this colonial situation.

That decolonization has to be respecting the territorial integrity of Spain and the interests of the inhabitants of the colony.


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