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Remains of Phoenix Mars Lander stay on the red planet. Its mission started on May 2008 when the spacecraft landed. Since that time terrestrial virus and bacteria, which travelled glued on its structure, have survived. And according to the last secret information that I had access, these tiny forms of life are evolving.

A recent picture shows us a black spot near the spacecraft. Magnifying the image you can see that it is not a simple dot on the surface. It is more than a black stone or similar… and the worst is that it is growing up:

A fly subsists on the Mars planet surface

With the expedition travelled too a little fly, which all this time has known to develop its survival instinct.

From the moment that we, human beings, want to conquest the Universe and we have yet landed on other extraterrestrial surfaces, is in this moment when we can say that Universe is contaminated by us. It is an unavoidable action, because we are the disease and we spread our virus, bacteria and other little forms of life around the planets.


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