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This is my entry number 500. Five hundred weird stories after, and I feel still the need of confronting reality and the ideas that my brain manufactures. Really, it is cheaper than going to the psychologist. You can leave your imagination flying in the middle of nowhere trying to understand or not this world where we live. Even, when you have finished of kicking the world that you don’t understand, you feel better.

Because one, who tries to think in the common sense on logical situations, freaks out when watch that:

- Politicians decide to carry on with stupid sociological experiments and ill-advised decisions.

- God isn’t there for helping anybody when there is a flood or an earthquake.

- People advance you recklessly when you are going prudently because of the circumstances on the road.

- On the airports all of us are considered as terrorists, even leaving you naked at all if necessary.

These kinds of things are what make me startle. Yes, really it would not be so funny if all was normal or nobody would commit mistakes, but there are situations that impact on you negatively, especially when you don’t have any blame or you don’t have done anything especial for being punished.

I know that don’t exist the perfect world, so it is for that, human beings, we search to be the least imperfect possible.


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