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There are some companies, who profiting of advantages that some business work well, try to use a similar way for taking profit. It has always existed, you only must go to some kind of stores where you can buy, for example, imitations of perfumes and producers are so ingenious that, for example, instead of calling the product “Calvin Klein” they write on the etiquette: “Alvin Clein

Here, the most worrying is when these kinds of “rip-off enterprises” are capable to establish their position on Google in the top of the page, taking away the true creator of the brand and positioning the sham business in a best situation.

After you realise that somebody is trying to advance your brand on the Internet searchers, the unique manner of reversing the situation is going to some enterprises focused in reputation management.

It is only the beginning, because the worst is when competitors of your brand try to get down your reputation. You search, for example, something about a product and the first results that the searcher gives you are bad opinions, bad experiences, distorted images and weird stories. Thing that if you are a customer who searched this product, for sure that you aren’t buy it.

Deleting your “fake bad reputation” is a hard way to do and only contacting with specialized seo services your brand, name or product will be again where it should be: on the top of the searches with a good qualification.


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