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Doctor KoKoliKo was investigating the effects of radioactive spinach feeding hamsters in his laboratory. The third day of investigation, the most of them died and only two rested alive. The fifth day there was a battle in the cage and the strongest won.

The next day after the battle, the strongest hamster escaped from the laboratory. Doctor KoKoliKo alerted authorities for evacuating the city, but authorities ignored him, because they knew about his paranoiac behaviour.

Radioactive hamster fed with radioactive spinach becomes stronger

Only when the city was threatened by the hamster, authorities take the call of KoKoliKo on consideration. They put the police in the street for trying to stop the beast.

It was not an easy mission, because the hamster was worse than Mike Tyson and with its fierce claws ripped up all those that were near.

Finally, police reduced the hamster with an overdose of potassium iodide pills, which returned the hamster to its normal size.


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