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The most technological advanced country in the world is having problems with its nuclear reactors. We assume that Japanese technology is one of the most perfect, because they take care of all the details. Even they have built buildings capable to hold out an earthquake.

The problem is that they are solving a wrong situation in a way more typical from non developed countries than, as we think, a technological developed country. Trying to extinguish an overheating on nuclear reactors jetting water from the sea I think that it is not a manner of doing things. It is more like of trying to do a reset. When technology fails, it is the last resource that one has for trying to repair the damage.

Akihito pressing a reset button

I don’t want to think, if this weird situation is happening in the country the most developed technologically, what the hell would happen in countries which aren’t so developed. I don’t doubt about the people who manage nuclear reactors, but when things are wrong it isn’t question of trying to repair the disaster in a primitive way.


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