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Sometimes I don’t understand the fact of putting up for auction things that for you don’t have not value and the person who is going to buy your object takes it as devil who gathers souls.

I just read on the newspaper that the false teeth of Winston Churchill were sold at auction for $25,500. It is an incredible amount of money for something so nasty, especially because they were sold with the characteristic of not being brushed since the start of the World War II, so his dentures kept alive Churchill’s breath and the scent of his cigars.

Really, to buy this kind of worn dentures is a little freaky because what do you do with them? Do you place them on your mouth and you feel like Churchill felt?

I had curiosity about who was this odd person who bought Winston Churchill’s dentures, so investigating a little through my ill sources of information I got in touch with the lucky person and he told me:

- "I needed false teeth because you know that when we reach certain age you can not chew a cupcake. And hey, I am a privileged person in this life and I have always had people working for me, so it made me millionaire without doing anything special. Therefore there it was no need to go to the shit dentist where everyone in my position went for he made you dentures which two days later are broken. I wanted the best dentures in the world and I got that’s all!

Nothing as having money for getting what one wants!


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