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Wikileaks has left our society naked. The debate is on the street and people do not know if it is ethical or not to reveal all the secrets that different governments have kept careful, or if on the contrary we can say that everything is good to know, like in a magazine where you can read a lot of gossip about celebrities.

In a debate on TV a former French foreign minister had commented that it might create precedent. For example, someone may be interested in poking around the archives of a hospital and reveal everything. It is not difficult to imagine some revealed documents about aesthetic operations, medical checkups, test results... from celebrities.

Here we enter into an area difficult to manage, where ethics, the correct and the absurd come into the game for the sake of the person who plays and reveals with all this information. I don’t want to use the word “blackmail” because then it would represent a true offense. I don’t want imagine that some revelations could present a true blackmail against the person in question, asking for a ransom for hiding the true.

It is well known that relations between press and authorities will never be ideal. Democracy implies that the information, before it is published, must not be subjected to filtration in order to hide truths and facts sometimes embarrassing to the government of the country.

Turning upside down on the rubbish mustn’t be nice, but somebody must enter for knowing the truth.


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