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Some days ago I was watching a documentary about time and the relation that we have with it. Brian Cox, who is known for his participation in science programmes for BBC television, asked to different experts on the matter about what time is it? And every one of them answered something different, even somebody did joke about this transcendental question of our lives.

We have arranged our lives according to the sun when appears in the horizon and when it disappears for becoming night. We wake up in the morning and we are going to sleep at night, exception of people who for the need of their jobs live upside down. We have established schedules for controlling people at work, on the schools … for establishing an order and avoid that our world becomes the chaos.

But beyond this control-time that we have put on our lives, time flows, might be sometimes quickly, might be sometimes slowly. The only thing sure is that time exists as a part of the Universe, because things happen. So if things happen it means that there was a past before something happened, and evidently there is a future waiting for things, which are in the present, have a reaction in the future.

Anyway, this kind of documentaries are really very interesting, but what happens is that you start believing on all those things that they are explaining for after realising that you didn’t understand nothing, and the worst is that questioning all those inexplicable things you become crazy at all trying to search an answer for those things that don’t have an answer.


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