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I thought that global warming was really that Earth would become hotter than colder. But after reading this news: “Map shows most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and ice” I realize that in reality Earth is becoming colder. Is Global warming causing more snow as Al Gore defended some days ago?

If when you are watching weather predictions on TV and they say that tomorrow will rain, and when you are going to the street ready with your umbrella there are a brightly sun, it is for never to believe more on them. Same happens with people who speak about global warming when in reality weather is becoming colder. Who to believe? People who say that all is because of environmental pollution or it is a simple hormonal change of the own Earth?

For solving this question, I called “Mr. W. Eather” teacher at the University of Meteorology in Kansas. Really he appeared on the phone a little drunk but his opinion deserves all my respect:

- “It is because of pornography on the Internet, all those hot web pages where only appear naked women is causing the worst disaster among men who pass all the day masturbating in front of them… it is the reality about the global warming!

Anyway, the unique thing sure is that we don’t know anything and there is a long way to follow still for understanding what is happening on the weather of this crazy world where we live.


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