According to a secret document that I could get thank you to information sources of ill reputation, but that for the moment I must maintain in secret because I must correct spelling errors and weird signs written in, I can say that there are 99% of possibilities that God doesn’t exist.

This surprising finding may probably bring down the Church and change the way in which we look at life through. Our beliefs, our devotion to create a world for a deity... this document can change our minds completely and force us to try to understand the world we live in a different way.

All this time we have lived on the belief that a superior being had created everything that we see when we awoke in the morning, even the asshole of your boss that you must see every day.

For now, I must carefully keep the secret because infiltrate priests on the FBI in connexion with ecclesiastical authorities have took the address of my computer according to some information that my firewall gave me yesterday. They want this document that I have but what they don’t know is that if I am going to be arrested by them, then this document will be distributed all around on the Internet.

Obviously if they offer me money I would close my eyes, I would say that I have not seen this document in my life and it will be burned. For the rest I would spend the rest of my life in a paradisiacal island like Adam. Maybe then I would call God for the creation of Eve and we would live happily for all our eternity.

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