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It seems a silly question to ask why is it so cold if it is winter, but if we consider that we are in a stage of global warming on the planet this is not to mock.

Because winter is cold, it is obvious like the Eiffel Tower itself represents a gigantic "A". It was always studied in school. We know that when winter months arrive you must wear warm clothes for palliating the cold weather.

By consulting a specialist to develop this message a little more he has commented as follows:

- "People think that with global warming Earth is becoming hotter, and glaciers are like when you are defrosting the meat before starting to cook it, but not! If you are following weather previsions on TV you can watch that on regions where had never snowed now is snowing; or in other regions where usually snowed, even in little quantity, now is snowing stronger. That means that both aspects, cold and warm, can live with each other as dog and cat: sometimes good friends, sometimes there will be a battle”.

It is a thing for that we are not prepared. The most countries which live outside those meteorological catastrophes don’t have their roads, buildings, or sewage system prepared for face similar situations of big snow, floods …

Only when a disaster appears on our lives is when people act, instead of having the prevision of taking care before it happens.


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