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Berlusconi is out of himself. The sex scandals that are following him are devastating his image. Really people can do what they want on their free time, but when you are a public figure, even being in charge of the government of your country, you must serve of example for your people

We read recently in the newspapers that, in addition to orgies and engaging prostitutes, some girls were invited to Berlusconi encouraged by their families. If those stories about girls for rent are more or less certain it is disgusting, and one could say that the girls' parents are very repulsive. Not for all the gold in the world we would like to let our daughters to pass some passionate moments with the same devil for having a life of prosperity.

Investigating the case and looking for families who have decided to encourage their daughters to spend an evening with Berlusconi I received the testimony of a girl who Berlusconi rejected by ugly:

- "My family is quite poor, we only eat spaghetti every day and my mother told me to go see Berlusconi to improve our situation. But when I went there and I offered my services to him, he spat on my face. He said he does not sleep with prostitutes and less with ladies so aesthetically thankless".

One thing is sure, Berlusconi has good taste for the girls, but society claim against the message that he is transmitting to the society saying that the simplest way for a woman to succeed in Italy is to sell her body to rich and powerful men.


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