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There are a lot of regions in Earth which don’t have water and their ground is very poor and dry. They can’t cultivate anything because their soil lacks essential properties for vegetal life can grow up. Water is a major component of the Earth, so we can’t survive without, because people need water for drink and for farming the ground.

With technology and scientific advances things can change. Where there was no trace of water scientists can make rain.
This news that I read on the newspaper is a hope:

- "A Swiss company called Meteo Systems claims to have seeded more than 50 rainstorms over the Abu Dhabi desert last year”.

It is anyway a good advance, especially if they are capable to manage some very poor regions in regions with abundant culture.

In any case they had better check for side effects because we know that when it comes to changing the nature there are always surprises, sometimes quite unpleasant, such as:

- Mutant plants.
- Floods for too much rain.
- People who watch weather previsions on TV will never believe on it again.

Anyway there is a quote that says: “Even raining, will never rain for the pleasure of all the people”.


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