People who live in villages near of nuclear plants have more probabilities of becoming radioactive mutant humans than the rest. And the worst is that this kind of mutation is very contagious, so having contact with somebody who has this type of illness is very dangerous. You must avoid to have any contact with them and to run as fast you can for escaping of the affected zone.

According to some information that this blog has had access a witness tells what is happening on him:

- “My life is destroyed at all. After the government built a nuclear plant near our village things started to become hard for us. Especially because the plant was always broken-down and fixing it was a hard problem for them. Every day rained radioactive particles which touched our houses and bodies and spread everywhere this kind of mutation that the most people of our village have. We don’t have contact with anybody and less to have access at computers or something for asking exterior help. It has become a hell for us. My arms have become tentacles as well as my legs. I am more similar to an octopus than to a human being. The most worrying for us is that some rumors are saying that with a nuclear bomb government want to finish with all us. I beg help but anybody wants to approach here for fear to be contaminated

Luckily this letter, which I have acceded, was in PDF format, because if it was written on a normal paper format, now I would be another radioactive mutant contaminated because of the particles incrusted on the paper.

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