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Passive smoking kills thousands of people around the world, in not an immediately way, but little by little. Unwittingly you, who are near a smoker, are a victim who suffers the pleasure of the other person that is smoking. While smokers take their time by pleasing their cigarette, they become mass killers, maybe unintentionally.

I am going to say an exaggeration as a cathedral, but I think that I am not misdirected:

- "When a person who does not smoke enters on a bar where everyone is with a cigarette in their mouth, this situation is as if we might enter in the gas chamber”.

Because you do not want to smoke, sometimes you are forced to do, situation that could easily be avoided if smokers were aware of their bad behaviour towards others.

Recently, in Spain, government has acted hard against this situation, forcing bars, cafeterias, restaurants… to forgive smoking into their pubs. On the side of smokers they are becoming very angry and they are obliged to smoke out. It is a curious situation because you can see, even in midwinter, more people smoking on the doors of the pubs and the pub is empty. When they finish their cigarette they enter again into the pub for finishing their drink.

Really, people who smoke should be aware of the dangers that smoking brings, not only for the own smokers, if not for people who are around them too.


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