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One wakes up in the morning and the world has changed in relation with the day before. Evidently, today isn’t the same day as yesterday because things can be similar but there are a lot of aspects which change at all. So, yesterday I thought that Mona Lisa was a woman, but today, and in according to a recent investigation “Da Vinci's Mona Lisa model was a Man”, so it means evidently that Leonardo Da Vinci was gay.

The best manner to know the true is to ask directly Mona Lisa in person about this new condition of homosexual and this is what HE told me this morning in an exclusive interview:

The O.G.C. (Organized Gay Community) has claimed the picture as their new symbol of liberation and governments all over the world are preparing new laws for putting on the same level homosexuals and right couples due to that incredible revelation of Mona Lisa and his homosexuality.


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