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A soldier went to his sergeant office in charge:

- My sergeant: code DD212 request!

- What? You are wrong soldier! This request is older than
Egypt pyramids. You must apply for the DD214 request.

- Yep! But according to my wife, who is the manager account at home, this new code doesn’t offer some good things that one could find on the DD212 code.

- Your wife is wrong, soldier! This new code offer you a fabulous VA mortgage refinance, which you will only find here! No bank out of the army will give you what we are offering to our soldiers.

- Yep! But according to my wife…

- Do you want to know one thing about your wife?

- What?

- Trust me! She is cheating you with a banker.

- How do you know it?

- So is it true, isn’t?

- It would not happen if you weren’t so tyrant with days’ leave! You know that months closed here in the barracks one can’t control what is happening outside!


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