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People are very worried consequence of the discovery of an alien bacterium on water tap with mutant effects on human beings. Scientists said that this bacterium come on Earth last year when a meteor got our planet. The most worrying of all is that they had discovered it yesterday, so it means that this bacterium is reproduced for a whole year spreading its offspring all over the Earth.

Commenting this information with the concierge of my building he told me:

- "We can not live like that. People need to know the truth, and if it is true that this bacterium comes to us through the water tap, what will become if we have drunk it yet? Will we become similar to those mutants that we can watch on science fiction movies? I don’t understand government management spreading panic and terror between people. We aren’t going to finish good, are we?”.

I agree with my concierge. We aren’t good informed about what really is happening in this crazy world where we live, and these kinds of stories are more urban legends than other thing.

For the moment I don’t have noticed mutant changes on people around me who usually drink directly from tap water. What I would like to know if it is only a simple advertising campaign for people buy more bottled water, or really on the future we will become something similar to octopus or rather monsters.


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