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It’s weird to travel with a crocodile on your luggage. It can be understood that it is your pet and you don’t want to leave it alone at home, and there aren’t custody centres where to place the beast. Yes, there are zoos but I thing that it would cost you a fortune that keepers take care of your wild pet for some weeks.

It happened on Poland where customs agents of the airport found a crocodile into the luggage of a passenger.

- “At first we thought that it was a simple cuddly toy, but checking the suitcase we realised that it was a true crocodile which was about to bite one of my agents” – declared the agent in charge.

- “I took the risk of transporting with me my pet. I have this crocodile from it was a small lizard and never has bitten or bothered anybody. I have a friend who lives on Germany and he has a female crocodile. I carried it for matching them and to have offspring. Nothing about traffic of protected species as the police are investigating.” – declared the passenger.

Under EU law it’s illegal to transport protected species without official paperwork. So the passenger was fined and returned at home with his crocodile.

What it had been a beautiful love story between two crocodiles living on different countries matched thanks to the friendship of their owners, it becomes again a broken love story because of laws.


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