Many years ago that when I am cold I take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen depending of the symptoms that I have. For example if I have a headache or my I have pain in my back it is recommendable to take Ibuprofen which is best for pain, but if on the other hand I present fever symptoms or I have a runny nose is preferable to take Paracetamol.

But, recently I have discovered again Aspirin. This medicine seemed forgotten in my mind because Paracetamol and Ibuprofen had done a hard work of positioning their brands on the market. And with a bit of marketing and building a new dialogue stronger than the anterior, and based on scientific proofs, I can say that the resurrection of Aspirin is done in my mind.

As happens with thousands of products on the market, enterprises must reinvent their stuff, and medicaments are too objecting of improvement. Aspirin has been able to invent itself each time for returning to the way of health by providing new alternatives to combat diseases.

Small daily aspirin dose cuts cancer risk. A little of this drug taken every day may help fight against cancer, and depending upon the amount that you take every day you can say that by the years you have less risk of getting cancer.

It is a way that not everyone can take, because there are many people who can not follow because its side effects are not good for everyone, but is a light of hope for those people that can take without problems.

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